Common Mistakes that Increases Household Water Consumption

The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association (SDPHA) continues to encourage homeowners to find ways to conserve and efficiently use water. The SDPHA says water is a finite resource and as plumbing professionals, one of their moral obligations is to ensure the efficient use of this natural resource.

According to the SDPHA there remains to be household practices that contribute to wastage of water which hurts both the household and the environment. The environment because water gets wasted, and the household because wasting water jacks up utility bills.

The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Associationsays households should be more mindful about their water consumption (Photo Credits)
Here are some common mistakes that increase household water usage:

1. Inefficient use of water in the kitchen. Thawing food using running water, hand washing dishes or pre-rinsing prior to loading in the dish-washer, running the dishwasher even if it is not full, and not saving the water that pours out while waiting for it to be warm or cold.

2. Wasteful use of water in the bathroom. Taking frequent baths instead of short showers; staying too long in the shower and letting it flow even while soaping and shampooing; failing to save water used for flushing the toilet, and flushing down tissue and other hygiene items.

3. Failure to check for hose leaks from the washer, and operating the washing machine even if it is not fully loaded.

4. Failure to inspect and repair water leaks from toilets pipes in and outside the house.

5. Inefficient use of water in the garden. Water used to rinse food and vegetables for cooking, or those that have been saved up while waiting for water to heat up can be used to water plants. Using inefficient gardening hoses for both gardening and cleaning up the cars and the yard. Not installing rain sensors on water sprinklers, and using the water hose to clean up the driveway instead of an outdoor broom to sweep up trash. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

The SDPPA says there are more ways to save on water consumption at home. Having a regular plumbing maintenance inspection is a good way to avoid wasting water at home. Leaky pipes and toilets, clogs, inefficient toilet water use, all contribute to unintentional water use that spikes up utility bills.

Environment friendly household practices such as composting instead of using us the disposal, and collecting rain water for plants, instead of using fresh water can greatly help in reducing the water bill.

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